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Frequently Asked Questions

Notelove is a non-profit that gives free music lessons to youth in the Bay Area. Our intention is to encourage participation in performing arts, which is often glossed over or underfunded. Let us answer some common questions you may have before you join the Notelove community.

How does Notelove work?

Students sign up for a music lesson, and we connect them with an instructor in their area. Students and instructors then coordinate times and locations to meet one other through email. 

If both parties feel comfortable together, they can move lessons to private homes. Otherwise, school band rooms are always a great place to have a lesson, especially if the student is learning piano or a large instrument. 

Who can sign up for a lesson?

Any youth between the ages 5-17 can sign up for a music lesson. All students who sign up will be given lessons, but we will prioritize low-income or disenfranchised families due to high demand.

Who can apply to become an instructor?

Instructors must be between the ages 14-18. They must demonstrate proficiency in their instrument, and have at least 2 years of playing experience. Although playing in an ensemble is recommended, it is not required. No prior teaching experience is necessary.

Instructors can apply here
. Our screening process includes a written application and two submitted videos (scales and an excerpt from a piece of music). 

What are the events that Notelove offers? 

Notelove events consist of concerts, socials, fundraisers, and more! These are opportunities for the Notelove community to gather together and share their music, as well as opportunities for instructors to receive additional volunteer hours! You can keep up with our latest and upcoming events here. You can also join our mailing list to receive email updates for our events.

When can I expect to be paired with an instructor?

Expect to hear back from us within 3-5 days of submitting your lesson-sign up. We process all responses manually, so they can take some time to sift through!

Why haven’t I received a lesson pairing yet? 

We receive every lesson request, and we are constantly looking for new instructors. If we do not have an instructor available for your instrument, you will be put on a waitlist after a lesson sign-up, and we will eventually pair you with an instructor once one is available. Please note that fewer instructors are willing to take on new students at the beginning of the school year and during the marching band season. 

How are lessons structured?

This is completely up to the student and the instructor! Some students have a musical background, while others may have never played an instrument. The instructor should pick off where the student last left off and will ensure that the student understands the basics and proper technique. 


The duration and frequency of lessons are flexible as well. Typically, lessons will start at 30 minutes once per week. Please communicate with your instructor to decide on what works best for you.


Additionally, lessons can be held either online, in-person, or a hybrid of the two. This is up to the student and the instructor as well. If you prefer in-person lessons, we will try to pair you with an instructor from a nearby area.

How can I ensure lessons are safe?

Instructors and students always meet first in public or online. If either party feels uncomfortable, they can email us and we will assign them a different instructor. 

What can I do with the hours I earn at Notelove? 

If your high school's service club is partnered with Notelove, you may receive hours for your club. Otherwise, hours can count toward a President's Volunteer Service Award. Please email us ( if you need your hours confirmed.  

Do you have any more questions? 

Email us at!

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