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  • MUSIC | Notelove

    DONATE Providing free & accessible MUSIC EDUCATION across the U.S. since 2018 About Us Notelove is a 501(c) certified non-profit encouraging participation in the performing arts through free, student-led music lessons. We’re dedicated to ensuring every student has access to affordable, high-quality music lessons. LEARN MORE 1/1 Read About Us in The Silicon Valley Voice about Notelove's community impacts! READ HERE Noteworthy Numbers 248 passionate instructors 273 students enrolled 4,046 hours volunteered 18 instruments offered 1/3 Ready to learn? Notelove is open to all aspiring young musicians of any skill level! Students are matched with an experienced instructor, who works flexibly with your schedule. Let the lessons begin! ​ See all current instructors here . SIGN UP Melodic Memories We're passionate to spread the love of music throughout our community. Our events, including student recitals and guest speaker events, foster new interests and memories for all our students. OUR RECENT EVENTS 1/7 Scholarships Musical Scholarship Covers the cost of: Instruments Equipment maintenance Musical exams APPLY HERE Book Reimbursement Get reimbursed for any music books you purchase! Student must save receipt or other proof of purchase. APPLY HERE Support our mission! Notelove is made possible through your support. Please consider donating to our cause so we can continue changing lives, one lesson at a time. DONATE HERE

  • EVENTS | Notelove

    What We Have Been Up To Student Events 2024 Summer Sonata Concert Notelove hosted the Summer Sonata Concert in June to commemorate the beginning of a new summer. Students, instructors, and directors shared their love of music through various performances. As the Notelove family, we celebrated our young musicians and their musical passions, while also bidding farewell to our graduating seniors as they embark on new and exciting journeys. 1/22 2024 Winter Snowlove Concert 1/26 ​ In January, Notelove hosted the Snowlove Winter Concert where students, instructors, and directors had the opportunity to perform for the community! This was the first ever in-person Notelove concert following a number of online concerts and smaller performance events. Watching the Notelove family come together and celebrate young musicians as they achieved a milestone in their musical journeys was a heartwarming experience. On January 18, 2024, Notelove instructors, students, and Tri-M and Forte members joined in on Zoom to listen to former Notelove officer, Riko Hirata–who majors in music therapy at the University of the Pacific–host her informational panel that covered the topic of music therapy. She went over what music therapy is, the requirements to pursue a career as a music therapist, as well where music therapists work. “In terms of music therapy classes in college, I had a lot of fun in the first semester. The panel I presented today is basically an overview of what I did throughout music therapy class,” Riko explains. “[Music therapy] is a very nice class, and the professors are very caring. This semester, I’ll be visiting some senior homes to implement my music therapy knowledge–I’m quite excited!” 1/3 Music Theory Panel with Riko Music Theory Classes 1/3 This past fall, Notelove hosted a 6-week music theory class taught by 7 of Notelove’s passionate music educators! The class spanned two levels - intro and advanced - and covered various music theory concepts, such as intervals, chords, and major and minor scales. The Blookets, Gimkits, and music listening sessions were some of the students’ favorite activities! Director Events After the Summer Sonata Concert, our Notelove directors gathered to celebrate with dinner at In-N-Out. The concert was a success, and they enjoyed hamburgers and fries while reminiscing about the performances and honoring the graduating seniors who have completed their journey with Notelove as directors. June 2024 Social 1/3 Nick the Greek Director Social 1/3 Notelove's April 2024 Nick the Fundraiser was also a time of fun and laughter for the Notelove director team. After an eventful day at the Snowlove Concert, our Notelove directors huddled down to celebrate at dinner at Tea Era. The concert was very successful and exciting, and they unwound with popcorn chicken and tea as they discussed their thoughts on the concert. January 2024 Social 1/3 Director Social 1/4 Notelove hosted a director social at Serra Park on July 23, 2023 welcoming the 23-24 Director team! Directors got to know each other better, took headshots for the website, and began ideation for the new school year.

  • CELLO | Notelove

    < INSTRUCTORS Charlotte Jew 7 Years Experience in Cello

  • CLARINET | Notelove

    < INSTRUCTORS Linda Chang 6 Years Experience in Clarinet Manya Girivasan 6 Years Experience in Clarinet Jinho Choi 5 Years Experience in Clarinet

  • INSTRUCTORS | Notelove

    < INSTRUCTORS BY INSTRUMENT Learn more about the instructors by clicking on their profile! Leo Bencher Shivani Bhattacharjya Anisha Biyani Angelina Bu Finn Burns Linda Chang Nishant Chatterjee Eva Chen Ariel Chien Jinho Choi Matilda DeSeve Sahana Ganesan Manya Girivasan Julia Geofferey Ritwika Ghosh Anuhya Gottam Darsh Gottam Preston Hong Ruoshui Hu Ashley Huang Adria Jew Charlotte Jew Bhavya Krishnan Harshita Lakkapragada

  • EUPHONIUM | Notelove

    < INSTRUCTORS Rohan Venkatesan 6 Years Experience in Euphonium


    Instructor Resources Notelove is introducing a shared resources folder! Instructors can help other instructors by contributing teaching resources such as sheet music, lesson recordings, and sharing lesson tips. Contributors will earn service hours for their contributions to the drive. In the drive, you can find instructions, a google form to fill out after you contribute (so we can calculate your hours) as well as some folders we have set up for a few instruments. Feel free to create your own folders if your instrument is not yet in the drive, or if your idea is not yet in the folder for your instrument. ​ To view the resources folder, click the button below. Contribute Here

  • TRUMPET | Notelove

    < INSTRUCTORS Sahana Ganesan 6 Years Experience in Trumpet Matilda DeSeve 7 Years Experience in Trumpet

  • INSTRUMENTS | Notelove

    INSTRUCTORS BY NAME > CLARINET EUPHONIUM GUITAR PERCUSSION VIOLIN OBOE PIANO TRUMPET VOCALS CELLO FLUTE SAXOPHONE VIOLA ALL INSTRUCTORS Our Instructors Want to spread your love of music to aspiring young musicians? Become an instructor and join the Notelove community! Learn more here . APPLY HERE

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    Our Partnerships FHS Evergreen Valley Ann Sobrato HHS Monta Vista HHS Monta Vista HHS Wilcox United Under Arts Tutor Olive De Anza Music & Volunteering Association Interns 4 Good Paly Service Club Paly Chamber Musicians ZoomKidz C'est Bon Chamber Music Academy

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