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  • ADVISORS | Notelove

    Jane Park Aidan Lin Nancy Smith

  • DIRECTORS | Notelove

    Our Directors Co-Executive Director: Avery Chen Co-Executive Director: Amy Zheng Associate Director: Ayaka Fujita Executive Assistant: Kimberly Yang Executive Assistant: Manya Girivasan Executive Assistant: Linda Chang Finance Director: Lindsey Tang Web Director: Stanley Shen Marketing Director: Bhavya Krishnan Design Director: Sabrina Ning Resource Director: Arielle Turullols Resource Director: Natalie Phan Director of Programs: Riko Hirata

  • MUSIC | Notelove

    Providing free, accessible music education to youth across the USA since Sept. 2018 ​ Donate to us! Please donate if you have found Notelove helpful or you would like to help us grow! Donate Instructors We are looking for more music instructors. Prospective instructors must: Be between 14-18 years old Have at least 2 years of musical experience, and Submit an audition video Apply here Lessons Anyone is welcome to receive a lesson from Notelove! After you sign up, you will receive a confirmation email. Within 1-2 weeks, you should receive an email introducing you to your instructor. Please understand there may be some delay due to a lack of instructors for specific instruments. Sign up here Who We Are Notelove is a 501(c) certified non-profit that gives free music lessons to youth in California, Massachusetts, and Texas. Our intention is to encourage participation in performing arts, which is often glossed over or underfunded. All the cities we have instructors in Notelove by the Numbers 248 qualified, passionate instructors 273 students taking free lessons 4,046 hours volunteered 18 different instruments offered Did you know that music lessons can cost from $50-100? At Notelove, all lessons are completely free! Chapter Applications Open If you do not live in the Bay Area, Boston, or Dallas and want to bring Notelove to your area, you can start a new chapter! Apply here Musical Scholarship Fund We are now offering a musical scholarship to help cover the cost of musical expenses, such as instruments, musical equipment maintenance, accessories, musical exams, etc. If you are interested, apply below! Apply here For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please fill out the following form or contact us through our socials. Our Socials Notelove Inc. @NoteloveInc Notelove Contact us Submit Thanks for contacting us! We will get back to you within three business days. Business hours: M-F , 9 am - 8 pm Inquiries

  • ABOUT US | Notelove

    About us Notelove is a non-profit that gives free music lessons to youth in California, Massachusetts, and Texas. Our intention is to encourage participation in performing arts, which are often glossed over or underfunded. It can be expensive and difficult to pursue a musical education. Music teachers will typically charge between $50-150/hr for lessons, and school music programs are costly and can cost up to hundreds of dollars per student annually. Music education provides an environment for youth to develop necessary worldly skills, including perseverance, a strong work ethic, and cooperation, among many others. ​ Schools that offer music programs have higher graduation and attendance rates compared to schools that don’t offer music education. Learning music can also improve reasoning, short-term memory, planning, and the ability to focus. Notelove was created to both close the gap between low and high income families, as well as to spread the joy of music to all youth. Join and support our cause today! Achievements: President's Volunteer Service Award certified organization 3,426 hours of lessons volunteered 70 qualified, talented student musicians from over 20 different high schools Completely student run Offering lessons for 18 different instruments Background Notelove was started in 2018 by Omar Shohoud, former Homestead High School student and current student at the University of Chicago. As a musician himself, Omar wanted to see other youth experience the joy of music as he was able to. Notelove started as a local effort to provide free music lessons to low-income youth in the Bay Area, but has since transformed into an organization that provides services nationwide. Parent Testimonials "This has been a wonderful program to support my daughter in her first year learning a new instrument! The tutor is irreplaceable for a novice musician just beginning to learn. The one-on-one time has been crucial to her success!" -Leah Brunnings ​ "Notelove is a great idea! I like it for my daughters because it gives them a way to meet someone a few years older in the music community. It allows them to learn music as well as hear from another person why and how they have pursued their musical instrument." -Karen Linser Newsletters Click on the icon to the right to view our newsletters, which include all our accomplishments for the year! Jane Park, teaching a student Omar Shohoud ​ Notelove Newsletters! Check out our directors and instructors page to learn more about those involved in the organization!

  • EVENTS | Notelove

    Events Upcoming: Notelove x Tri-M Virtual Concert We're excited to announce that Notelove will be collaborating with Homestead Tri-M to produce a virtual concert! The concert will be livestreamed and will feature a variety of solo and ensemble performances. Make sure to stay tuned for more details! 2021 Carnival of the Animals Concert In January, Notelove hosted a virtual instructor benefit concert based on "The Carnival of the Animals" by French composer Camille Saint-Saens. Thank you to everyone who joined our livestream! In case you missed it, you can rewatch the concert here . 2020 Winter Concert Thanks to all those who participated in Notelove's 2020 winter concert! Our concert showcases all the progress our students and instructors have made over the past year. We hope you enjoy watching these wonderful performances! Music Theory/History Workshops Notelove will be holding music theory and history workshops from April 3rd to April 17th, taught by our talented instructors! There will be a morning session from 10:00 am-10:30 am, and an afternoon session from 3:00 pm-3:30 pm each Saturday. Join us to have fun learning about music theory and history! Restaurant Fundraisers Our fundraiser at Chipotle on 2/3 raised $110.76, and our Panda Express fundraiser on 4/23 raised $47.33! A big thank you to everyone who participated, your contributions enable us to continue providing our services to our community! ​ To get notified of upcoming fundraisers, subscribe to our mailing list!

  • SUPPORT US | Notelove

    Support Us Please donate if you have found Notelove helpful or support our cause. Your donations help us cover the cost of administrative fees as well as programs and events for students and instructors. Every donation counts! ​ You can double or triple your donation through a company match! When you donate, you will have the option to check whether your company will match your donations. More information will be provided at the link below. Donate Anchor Donate

  • FAQ | Notelove

    Frequently Asked Questions Notelove is a non-profit that gives free music lessons to youth in the Bay Area. Our intention is to encourage participation in performing arts, which is often glossed over or underfunded. How Does Notelove Work? Students sign up for a music lesson, and we connect them with an instructor in their area. Students and instructors then coordinate times and locations to meet one other through email. If both parties feel comfortable together, they can move lessons to private homes. Otherwise, school band rooms are always a great place to have a lesson, especially if the student is learning piano or a large instrument. Currently, all lessons are being held online through video conferencing apps. ​ Who Can Sign Up For a Lesson? Any youth between the ages 5-17 can sign up for a music lesson. However, we will prioritize low-income or disenfranchised families. Who Can Apply To Become an Instructor? Instructors must be between the ages 14-18. They must demonstrate proficiency in their instrument, and have at least 2 years of playing experience. Although playing in an ensemble is recommended, it is not necessary. ​Instructors can apply at our home page. What Do Notelove Volunteer Hours Count Toward? If your high school's service club is partnered with Notelove, you may receive hours for your club. Otherwise, hours can be used for college applications and count toward a President's Volunteer Service Award. Please email us if you need your hours confirmed. Why Haven't I Received a Lesson Yet? We have fewer instructors available in the fall due to Marching Band and the start of a new school year. However, we receive every lesson request, and we are constantly looking for new instructors. You are automatically put on a waitlist after a lesson sign-up, and we will eventually pair you with an instructor. How Are Lessons Structured? This is completely up to the student and the instructor! Some students have a musical background, while others may have never played an instrument. The instructor should pick off where the student last left off, and should ensure that the student understands the basics, as well as proper technique. How Can I Ensure Lessons Are Safe? Instructors and students always meet first in public. If either party feels uncomfortable, they can email us and we will assign them a different person. How Are Lessons Being Conducted During the Pandemic? Due to the pandemic, students and instructors do not have to first meet up in public, and all lessons are being conducted virtually, through a video conferencing app of the instructor's choice, like Zoom or Facetime. Do you have any more questions? Contact us on our home page!

  • SHOP | Notelove

    Shop Click on the image or the button to the right to purchase a Notelove t-shirt! Purchase now!

  • INSTRUCTORS | Notelove

    Our Instructors Aarnav Verma 4 years experience in piano Alex Wang 4 years experience in percussion Amy Zheng 10 years experience in violin Ankita Biyani 11 years experience in piano Annabelle Miin 7 years experience in vocals Aria Agarwal 7 years experience in piano Arielle Turullols 12 years experience in piano Ashley Huang 10 years experience in violin Audrey Yip 11 years experience in piano Avery Chen 6 years experience in flute 11 years experience in piano Ayaka Fujita 7 years experience in alto saxophone Bhavya Krishnan 6 years experience in flute Brandon Pham 4 years experience in guitar Caroline Kao 6 years experience in oboe 11 years experience in piano Charlotte Pan 8 years experience in flute Chloe Wong 5 years experience in flute 6 years experience in piano Cindy Zhuang 10 years experience in violin Clara Hinds 6 years experience in violin Clay Carson 8 years experience in flute Emily Tumacder 7 years experience in piano Eric Ko 4 years experience in french horn Finn Burns 7 years experience in percussion Hannah Liaw 8 years experience in piano Hannah Wen 10 years experience in piano

  • PARTNERSHIPS | Notelove

    Our Partnerships FHS Evergreen Valley Ann Sobrato HHS Monta Vista HHS Monta Vista HHS

  • CELLO | Notelove

    Stanley Shen 10 years experience in cello

  • OBOE | Notelove

    Caroline Kao 6 years experience in oboe

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